"Poodles With a Purpose – building a foundation of excellence for health, beauty and brains - Naturally! Our goal is to produce well conformed, excellent tempered, naturally reared Standard Poodles, free of genetic problems for the ultimate family companion that can do it all."

It all starts with that one special Poodle you will never forget…and you’re hooked! Life will never be the same again. The rest of your life, you will never feel your life is complete without a Standard Poodle by your side.

Standard Poodles of Excellence

Genteel Standard Poodles

Breeding and Naturally Rearing Standard Poodles of Excellence

The scope of our breeding program at Genteel Standard Poodles goes above and beyond beautiful looks, pedigrees, and Champion titles – reaching to the very core of natural health and longevity of future generations by: feeding a raw species specific diet, elimination of the use of chemicals in, on or around our dogs and their environment, plenty of enrichment, time to exercise in the sunshine and fresh air, continued socialization and not vaccinating (except where mandated by law).

Puppy Culture

We are extremely proud to be affiliated with the Puppy Culture program

whose methods we have proved to be, all about improving the lives of puppies! This program is exceptional!!! The Proof is in the Puppies.

Puppies raised with the Puppy Culture program will have a greater resistance to stress and disease, stronger heart rates and stronger heart beats along with a stronger adrenal system.

Previous Litters

Puppies In Their New Homes

Our puppies are NOT sold simply on a first-come, first-served basis, we observe the puppies in their development and perform aptitude and personality testing to aid us in making the best match of the puppy to your lifestyle and personality.

We have been blessed to have wonderful people who have made their Genteel Standard Poodle puppies a cherished member of their family and continued to raise them naturally.