13 Days Old

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13 Days Old

The Sofie/Tristan puppies are now 13 days old.  Their eyes are beginning to open, they are beginning to totter around the box and go potty away from where they are sleeping.  We have doing the early neurological exercises with them and they are no longer fighting being put on their backs but they now let out a sigh or a yawn and then relax as we gently rub their little chests.

They are gaining weight well and really growing!

Even our little one – the last born, that many of you know of as “Ki” (with a long i)

He has been such a little fighter!  We have not done any “heroics” to keep him alive other than help keep his brothers and sisters from stealing his nipple.  We don’t know if he will ever grow to normal Standard Poodle size but our guess is he won’t.   He is growing at a much slower rate than his siblings but he continues to keep up with them, tottering around and even going potty away from where he sleeps.   He is amazing to watch, it is truly by the grace of God that he such a little fighter.



This next week there will be a lot of landmark happenings with the puppies.

We will be putting potty pads in the box tonight, we will begin playing different sounds on our puppy sounds CD for them to begin to get used to.   Such sounds as; vacuum cleaners, washing machines, traffic, fire works, sirens, babies crying and more!

As I reflect back on the past thirteen days of my husband and I pretty much putting  life on hold to: “Hold Life”, I try to hold on to the thoughts and memories as these little ones will soon be running around, playing, barking, soaking in information and socialization from lots of enrichment before they go to their new homes. All of this is why we as breeders do what we do. Why we endure sleepless nights, pay emotional and financial toll and at the end of the day love, love, love doing it!




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