Puppies Turn 4 Weeks Old Today!

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Puppies Turn 4 Weeks Old Today!


Today the puppies turned 4 weeks old! They met their first people outside of my husband and me with one of the “people” being a lovely young child who is learning how to gentely interact with a puppy. She and her parents will be back in a couple of weeks to see how well we can match up the perfect puppy for their family. The puppies did amazing and everyone had so much fun!

They are still being exposed to at least one new toy and one new experience every day.

One of their more recent new exposures was to a litter pan with paper litter to go potty in – so much cleaner and nicer than potty pads! lol They are starting to get the hang of it for the most part anyway. Sometimes they don’t quite make it to the pan and inside to go but are at least are headed to the pan or just outside of it when they go. They will be pros in no time.

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