Dog Training At Home – Self Awareness

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Dog Training At Home – Self Awareness

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Dog training at home. Week 1- Self awareness

Stressed owners beget stressed dogs and what I often see are puppies or dogs reacting to the owners, not the other way around. While many people understand the basics tenets of training, I often implore my puppy owners to slow down and practice a little self-awareness. With practice, they can often see the fix staring them in the face.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

So, “why is my dog pulling me on the leash?” Now it’s my turn to ask a question: How do dog owners typically react to a pulling dog?

They pull back.

Now both parties are doing the exact same thing, effectively turning a Sunday stroll into a tug of war.
When dogs pull and people follow, nobody wins. Once this frustrating dynamic locks in place, the next move conscientious people make is to buy collars or harnesses that make pulling less painful for the dog. Thoughtful though it may be, these concessions don’t help.

In Your Face

Aren’t we the ones who initially started pulling our dogs on leash? It would take a black belt in Buddhism to have never pulled on a dog’s leash. Having set this precedent for pulling from walk one, is it our dog’s fault for responding in kind?

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