Importance of Sounds & Music for Puppies

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Importance of Sounds & Music for Puppies

I posted a couple of pictures yesterday of the puppies listening to the different noises on a recording on my iPad in their whelping box.  I thought I would tell you a little more about the importance of exposing them sounds at this age.

My goal is to balance the three types of sounds to create emotional stability and low stress levels in our puppies:

Ambient Environmental “Centering” sounds.

Harmonic/Classical Music

A recent study has shown that classical music has a de-stressing effect on shelter dogs, and guess what?  Hard rock music has the opposite effect.

So we play a soft, classical music in the living room where the whelping box is, most of the day.

The playing of soft, harmonic music has been found to be helpful to:
Promote Wellness
Manage Stress
Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
Elevate Mood
Stabilizes Emotions
Alleviate Pain
Enhance Memory

Harmonic music with pleasant sounding chords of piano, stringed instruments, and cellos whose size and reverberating chamber produce tones that resonate within the body, provide vibrational overtones and undertones that resonate sympathetically in the body. The higher purer tones of the flute have been found to create a sympathetic, vibrational resonance which reverberates into deeper levels and the responses can be in the range of pure joy and happiness. These vibrational reactions in the body release hormones that rid the animal (or person) of stress, elevate their mood and provide a sense of well-being. You can read more about the effects of music on the dog’s body HERE

Sharp Suden Sounds

Exposure to sharp, sudden, sounds during the 3-4 week period of life  encourages the startle recovery cycle. This builds emotional resilience as disucssed by Jane Killion in Puppy Culture.

“Habituation” noises

We live out in the country on a private road so it is VERY quiet out here for the most part so to expose them to noises of city life or every day life in a busy and noisy household is something we have found to be very important.  I have a couple of downloads on my iPad that work wonderfully.  Each sound or noise is played for about three minutes (I have never timed them but I know it is not to very long) and then it cycles to the next sound.   Some of the noises our puppies become hibituated to are: babies crying, thunder storms, machinery, traffic, jet planes, street noises, etc.


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