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Paris is a true God send.  After having Spirit come to live with us for almost two years we knew we were going to have a huge hole in our heart when she went back to live her co-owner – Pam.    Pam and I had been talking about my desire for a nice brown Standard Poodle to breed and she mentioned she had a very sweet brown girl that she had bred once and was not going to breed any more browns so wanted to place her.

I was very interested to know more about Paris and when Pam told me she was a lot like Spirit in temperament I knew I wanted her!   Paris is very well mannered, super smart and intuitive.   She loves everyone she meets be it human or dog and is just a happy bundle of Poodle.

Paris is Clear on all her Genetic Health Testing



Paris 11 months old


     Paris at 5 years old


If you are interested in a special Paris puppy of your own, please fill out our puppy application or send us an email at genteelstandardpoodles@gmail.com    The waiting list is beginning to fill up.


Paris’ Pedigree



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