Puppies – The First Few Days Of Life

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Puppies – The First Few Days Of Life

Canine newborns perceive the world very differently than we do. They are  born deaf and blind. They can only feel their way around. Their most important sensory perceptions at birth are detecting a heat source- their dam’s and littermates’ and their sense of smell. You can watch them moving their heads back and forth until they first,detect heat and crawl towards it. The most important help you can provide is making sure the surface they crawl on is soft, warm and gives them some traction. Puppy’s well-being during the first few critical days rests upon being warm, (but not too hot) fed and helped to eliminate.

Newborn puppies cannot pee or poop on their own. They rely on their mother licking their bellies and bottoms to stimulate elimination. This is a smart survival trick that ensures that newborn smells would not attract predators in the wild.

I will be raising this litter as I have the last three litters born here – with the Puppy Culture protocol and in as “natural” an environment as possible – feeding Sofie her usual diet of raw meat, bones and organs – a little heavy on the bones while she is nursing.  🙂

The puppies are 3 1/2 days old.

This afternoon I will putting them through Early Neurological Stimulation for the first time.


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