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Our special puppies are raised in our home where they are exposed to lots of enrichment and socialization; different sights, sounds, other animals and children during their time with us. We believe that solid temperaments are built starting in the whelping box, and that continued socialization builds on those first lessons. Our puppies are naturally reared for sound mind, bodies and spirits. 

We have no puppies at this time.  

Our next breeding will be towards the end of 2019/early 2020



We pour our hearts into raising well-adjusted, naturally healthy puppies. We start with healthy, structurally and emotionally sound adults with outstanding temperaments. Breeding poodles is an honor and a privilege. It takes vision, dedication, planning and extensive research to identify breedings that will result in producing healthy, happy standard poodles with exceptional temperaments and breed type.

Our rearing and socialization program is based on the  Puppy Culture Program“. We have found that the Puppy Culture Protocol helps form and shape the behaviour and personality of the puppies for the rest of his/her life!

We strongly recommend you watch the DVD BEFORE you take your new puppy home. The first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life is the most important stage, as its their most impressionable time. The DVD will prepare you for your new arrival.

Genteel puppies are raised from birth to be enrichment seekers who enjoy challenges and are ready to take on all of life’s adventures. From early neurological stimulation to problem solving to basic training, Genteel puppies are given all the advantages needed for them to grow up to be trusting, fun partners. Our puppies are thinkers and you should be ready to continue giving them all the enrichment and stimulation they have come to expect from birth.

Puppies are whelped in the bedroom, where they are kept in a dimly lit, quiet and warm environment for the first couple of weeks of their lives. We begin with Early Neurological Stimulation  (ENS) and Puppy Culture Protocol with our puppies at the age of 2 days old and the Rule of Seven by the time they are seven weeks old and continue to follow the socialization techniques outlined in the Puppy Culture Program and Avidog until they leave to their new homes.

These help to create a dog that does not stress as easily and that is more accepting and adaptable to new stimulation and situations. Around two – two and half weeks of age the pups can now hear, see and are trying out their legs.  At this time we move their whelping pen and potty/litter box into our living room where an x-pen addition is set up when they are about three weeks old to offer them a play area where they can safely be in the middle of everything. They begin using the potty box right away.

From here on in, the puppies are raised under foot, taken outside to feel the grass and the warmth of the sun and cool of the shade under their Dam’s watchful eye and ours.  Soon, they are carefully introduced to the rest of the pack and progressively included in daily activity about the house. At 5 – 6 weeks, they go on short car rides, have access to crates to go in and out of and meet new people who may visit – very briefly. They are socialized by the adult dogs, African Grey Parrot, friends, and grandchildren, while they are daily exposed to every day household events, grooming, sounds and sights.

Genteel puppies are weaned naturally by their Dam and on to raw, ground meats, bone and organs. We ensure that there are no known toxic chemicals in, on or around them or  their environment. We use only biodegradable, toxic chemical free cleaners (such as baking soda and vinegar, etc.), and avoid the use of chemical flea & tick deterrents and dewormers that compromise their young immune systems.

At 7 weeks we use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) to help us better match pups with their new families.

At 8 weeks we evaluate their structure for conformation.

At 9 – 10 weeks they are ready to go to their new homes. By the time puppies are ready to leave us, we have worked to expose them to new people, other animals, different sights, sounds, smells and environments, car trips, crates, different surfaces and objects and anything else we can think of to help them build the foundation to bloom into the most confident, resilient dogs possible.

Being natural rearing breeders, we believe very strongly that longevity and  the whole health of our dogs are directly related to feeding a raw species appropriate diet and following a very limited vaccination protocol (we give our dogs and puppies NO vaccinations except for what is required by law – Rabies).

Particular attention is paid to ensure our puppies are happy, well-adjusted and sound physically, mentally, emotionally. We place particular emphasis on correct movement and temperament both of which are noted health indicators.

We do not generally dock tails or remove dewclaws – they are there for several reasons.

Here is why I do not normally dock our puppies tails.

These poetic words of Juliette de Bairacli Levy (one of the first natural rearing dog breeder pioneers) speak volumes about our feelings regarding naturally rearing our dogs:

“I pray you who own me, let me continue to live close to Nature. Know that: I love to run beneath the sun, the moon and the stars; I need to feel the storm winds around me, and the touch of rain, hail, sleet and snow; I need to splash in streams and brooks, and to swim in ponds, lakes, rivers and seas; I need to be allowed to retain my kinship with Nature.”  

While our Poodles are house dogs and part of the family, we give them lots of time outside running and playing in the sunshine and often in the rain when the temperatures are not too hot or too cold and always with us.

Because we believe in building immune systems and natural immunity, we work to gradually expose puppies to new situations and places. This means slowly and gradually extending the areas of where they can sniff and play. Only taking them to high traffic dog areas when they are 9 to 10 weeks old and only for just a couple of minutes at a time.

If you are dedicated to owning a special Genteel Standard Poodle and are capable of making the type of commitment these dogs deserve, we encourage you to contact us to begin the screening process.  Preference is given to potential homes who are willing to work with us to ensure the continuing natural health of our dogs.

We enjoy meeting all new puppy families in person and ask that you make arrangements to personally come and pick up you puppy if at all possible.  We do not normally ship our puppies.


Download our Puppy Application HERE


Our companion puppies are NOT sold simply on a first-come, first-served basis.

As we observe the puppies in their development and do our best to match the puppy to your lifestyle and personality. By completing our puppy application/questionnaire, we can begin to get a feel for your level of experience with the breed and with dogs in general, your household makeup, goals, etc.

If and when you place a deposit on a puppy or litter, you will have the option of selecting – in order of reservation – from any puppies we have deemed suitable for your particular environment and goals.

Whenever appropriate, we always try to accommodate color and sex preferences, but since puppies can’t be made to order, this isn’t always possible. 🙂

If we are unable to provide you with a puppy, we may be able to put you in touch with a reliable breeder who currently has puppies. However, it is a good idea to get on a waiting list for puppy.  Most quality Standard Poodle Puppies are reserved before they are even born.

Thank you for your interest in our special, naturally reared Poodles.


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Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise,
risking more than others think is safe,
dreaming more than others think is practical and
expecting more than others think is possible.
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