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Do I need to worm my puppy?

Most likely,  you do NOT need to worm your puppy.   In fact, most puppies and dogs have been “wormed/dewormed” too much!  Is that even possible?

We have been told that puppies should be given a wormer by the time it is only three weeks old and then again a week or two later, at least three times before the puppy ever leaves the breeder.  The fear of having our puppies immune system compromised and weakening them to the point of contracting a virus or worse – dying has been instilled in us by veterinarians, drug companies, the media and of course by dog breeders.

We are told even after the initial worming done by the breeder that we should then routinely worm our dogs for the rest of their lives!   Where did this idea come from?  Should we just assume our puppy is loaded with intestinal worms because their mother may have been?

It’s very important to our puppy’s future health to understand where the thinking came from that we need to routinely use chemical (or even natural remedies) products to keep our companion animals free of pests and parasites whether we see they are sick or not, “just in case”. This mentality all goes back to Pasteur’s germ theory of disease*, which has driven modern medicine down the road of a drug-based system of suppressing symptoms and attacking pathogens, rather than supporting the body to heal itself.

*The germ theory is false, and illness is practically always due to improper nutrition or manner of living, the germs being present solely as scavengers of dead and waste tissues and foods, and NOT  the cause of the disease.

However, the erroneous belief that germs cause disease and must be controlled or eliminated before it can be cured has passed over into the idea that all pests and parasites cause disease as well and they should be eliminated.

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