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5 Weeks Old and Beautiful!

The puppies turned 5 weeks old this morning!

They are getting better about using the litter box to go potty in and now that we have set up the exercise pen for them, they can jump in and out of the whelping box to play, explore and stretch their legs more often.

I have shaved their faces and was really surprised to not find silver under the dark puppies hair!  They may yet fade to blue but no silver it looks like.


Puppies 5 weeks old
Puppies 5 weeks old just the females with shaved faces here

They were all just fine with me shaving their faces and trimming their toenails. We have been playing with their feet and running the handle end of the clippers over them from time to time to acclimate them to the feel and experience since they were about three days old.



Individule pictures of them in the next post!

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