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6 Weeks Old!

Thankfully, we had about 4 days in a row this last week where it was not cold and rainy and the puppies got to be outside – running, wrestling and exploring!   They sure slept well afterwards.  LOL   So, now we are back to playing indoors and working on some basic clicker training and conditioning them to new objects like the cloth tunnel, short steps,  the wobble cushion and such.

We have two of puppies reserved with a deposit and we have decided to keep one of the white girls here with us.

The puppies will be going through the PAT  – Puppy Aptitude Testing next week when they turn 7 weeks old.  It is always fun to see how they match up to what we have been observing and letting those who have reserved a puppy know which ones or one will best suit what they are looking for in a Standard Poodle.

Here are pictures taken a few days ago – just before they turned 6 weeks old:






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