Standard Poodles of Excellence

Naturally Reared for Total Health (mind, body & spirit)

Our goal is to produce Standard Poodles of excellence, naturally reared for health first and formost – sound in body, mind and spirit; that will exceed their new family’s expectations. Our Standard Poodles are suitable as healthy, long lived family companions with the ability to work as service dogs, therapy dogs, hunting partners, participate in performance and conformation events if so desired.

“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise,
risking more than others think is safe,
dreaming more than others think is practical and
expecting more than others think is possible.”
– Anonymous

Genteel Standard Poodles was born out of my sheer joy and love of this outstanding breed.

We are located in far Northern California.  We are not a  kennel, puppies are born and raised in our home and live in the house with us and their parents.

Our litters are carefully planned, with both sires and dams health tested and whenever possible, both sire and dam have been naturally reared as well. Genteel Standard Poodles does not sell puppies over the internet. We meet potential owners face to face. This allows us to get to know each other since our puppy families have breeder and naturopathic support for the life of the puppy. Puppies will only go to the best of carefully screened homes.

We do not always have puppies available.  We only breed a litter when we have at least five approved potential homes on our waiting list.

As a natural rearing breeder of 29 years and an animal naturopath,true health is my top priority.  My goal has been to build a foundation of excellence upon breeding for natural immunity, sound structure, temperament, intelligence and beauty. I have spent a lifetime learning and educating on natural/holistic life styles for our dogs, continuing my education and research into genetics and epigenetics. I raise each litter with love, affection, early neurological stimulation, enrichment and socialization. We spend a great amount of time finding them the perfect, loving forever homes. I hold them when they arrive and those that stay with me I hold when they leave this world.

We only breed dogs that we believe will be the healthiest (mentally and physically) and nicest examples of the breed. My husband and I  support and educate each family who chooses one of our puppies and we let them know they are now a part of our extended family. We are here if one  has any questions about natural rearing or keeping the puppy well trained and socialized.   We share our knowledge and socialize our dogs using Puppy Culure Protocol so that they will be the advertisement for our dedication.

While there is no line of living creatures totally free of genetic problems, including humans, we can decrease the occurrence of health issues by raising dogs on a raw species specific diet, eliminating toxic chemicals from their environment, providing plenty of exercise in the sunshine and fresh air along with heath testing and  careful, discerning breeding.  These practices go beyond champion titles and looks. They reach to the core of natural health and longevity of future generations.

We specialize in only breeding Standard Poodles of the highest quality, with sound physical and mental health and stable temperaments. Our Beautiful Standard Poodles are correct in structure, highly intelligent, and trainable.

A great dog is not defined by an absence of faults. A great dog is defined by the presence and strength of his virtues.” ~ Joyce Avery

Our Standards are balanced, strong, gentle and intuitive, and their temperaments are exceptional.

We have learned to be objective with our dogs in our endeavor to breed quality. We separate our love for the individual from our honest evaluation of that dog’s good and bad points while working towards the eradication of health problems by naturally rearing and using the health testing means available to us.

Our approach to life is natural, holistic, gentle and back-to-nature. Natural Rearing of our dogs harmonizes with this beautifully! Our application of naturopathic (holistic) methods of raising and caring for our Poodles sets us apart from other breeders.

Our dogs have always been our – teachers, soul-mates, bringers of daily joy, and dearest of companions. It is our hope that when you make one of our Standard Poodles part of your family that you will realize the same joy and companionship from them that we have.

A NOTE ON BREEDING: We believe that a breeder should always ask themselves – “Why should these two dogs be mated, what’s the goal of breeding these two dogs? We do not believe that one should ever be breeding with the intent of creating ‘just a pet’ litter; breeding just for that goal shows a total lack of understanding of breeding dogs in general. 


Genteel Poodles are Poodles With a Purpose –

Our breeding program is  building a foundation for the future of excellence in Standard Poodles with natural health, beauty and brains!


Here is what Natural Rearing means at Genteel Standard Poodles


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Dr Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason

Genteel Standard Poodles
Poodles of Excellence – Naturally Reared for a Healthier Future

Northern California


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