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This is the first Winter litter that we have had in over 10 years and normally we get lots of pictures of the puppies when they are outside in the sunshine. It is too cold and wet out to have the puppies outside for more than a couple of minutes so we are not getting as many pictures as normal.

We have a full spectrum light panel that we use daily and direct towards their pen and I will hold them individually and take them out to be in the sun when we have any without blustery winds blowing too.

I got all of their faces shaved yesterday and finally got pictures of them to share with you.  Man, these puppies are so pretty!


The Boys

CJ May be a Blue – laid back and cuddly


Blue – may remain black or fade to blue – serious but sweet – maybe a field or performance dog? time will tell.


Max – The first to do everything! Bold, curious but cuddly.


We are now taking deposits from approved puppy applications.  If you are interested in one of these wonderful puppies, please email us an application as soon as possible.

We are very particular about where our puppies go. We want to be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into and we want to feel safe with the decision we make about where we place our puppies.

As responsible breeders we are putting our years of experience, countless hours of work, our reputation, and most importantly our beloved puppies in the hands of our puppy buyers…we want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the choices jointly made.

We spend 9 – 10 weeks with our puppies, observing, interacting with and socializing them with lots of enrichment. We share videos, pictures and information about each of their personalities and aptitudes with those who have reserved a puppy.  We then, using our notes and daily observations let the potential new family know which puppy or puppies appear to be the personality and have the aptitude that fit what they are looking for.  We then do the PAT test (Puppy Aptitude Testing) when the pups are 7 weeks old and confirm our observations.

Seldom, if ever, do we allow people to “pick” their own pup. We would never want to place a high energy field dog in a home that was looking for a more laid back pet that would be tolerant of children and chaos, nor would we want to place a laid back pet in a home looking for a more active show or performance dog.

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