Our puppies are very special creatures and live in the middle of our lives.  We pour our time, hearts and souls into raising them. 


Basic Manners

With the use of Puppy Culture protocols, your puppy will already knowing some basic manners such as “mand” , sit and wait.  They will also be walking on a leash with a halter on without screaming or pulling away.

Quick and Easy Potty Training!

We believe that ease of potty training is of utmost importance for happy success for our puppy families and ultimately for the puppy.

Your puppy will be potty box trained and will have begun outside potty training. We start them with the potty box at about 3 weeks of age, which they find and learn to use naturally on their own.

At 5 weeks we begin outdoor potty trips. They catch on very quickly to know what’s expected of them. They are SO smart!! Our puppy families tell us that their new pup’s are potty trained by 3 months of age as long as their people are diligent to remember their bladders are small. We just love getting these reports!

We will also email you our Ebook on preparing for and raising your new NR puppy, a couple of weeks before you come to pick up your puppy.

We will continue to be mentors and available for questions for the life of your puppy.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  When you have one of our puppies, we are family for life!