Breeding Standard Poodles For Excellence and Quality

Excellence and Quality are never an accident.

Quality is the result of years of research, high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and represents the wise choices of many alternatives.  

We strive to breed the best to the best – health wise and temperament wise while providing outstanding services to our families, offering an extraordinary level of personal attention, responsiveness and education that will create an inter-dependent relationship of extended family between us.

Excellence to us means quality without compromise.  This is a promise we made to ourselves years ago, for it means that we will not compromise health (or temperament) for beauty. After all, when we sacrifice health for ribbons, awards, championships and friendships… we are no longer being responsible breeders!

We are excited to share with you, our profound love for this breed. Our Standard Poodles are not only natural athletes, but they born and bred to have an affection for people that is often unparalleled. There is no greater love story than that between a Poodle and its owner. Let us be a part of creating for you, your special next, new family member.

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