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Brown Puppies Four Weeks Old

Where does the time go?   They are 4 1/2 weeks old already!

Let me get you caught up a bit:

They have teeth now but they don’t seem to bother Paris yet – she is such a great mom, this weaning thing is not going to be easy lol.

They had their first ground whole chicken and spring water meal three days ago now and they loved it.



They are exploring more and more when we are outside with them and so far are all quite brave and outgoing. Day before yesterday we introduced them to a big cardboard box on the ground and they walked in and checked it with no hesitation at all. Today we introduced them to a child’s crawling tunnel – again no hesitation and some even went in on their own a few times after we called them through one at a time.

I was holding each one of them one at a time on the floor and holding a small cordless clipper on their feet and faces – I have been dong this (no blade attached) since they were about a week old. They were doing so great I thought” Why not see what happens when I put a blade on it. So I did and ended up shaving the faces on three of the females. They did great for their first time really. They were a little wiggly but only in play and not in fear so I did not do a perfect job but got to see how VERY light Dove (light green ribbon girl) is and Godiva (purple ribbon girl) is lighter than I thought she would be but not near as light as Dove who I am almost convinced now is a Silver Beige! “May”, the darkest and smallest of the girls is still very dark even though shaved. I will get Titan and Nessie’s faces shaved this weekend and get some photos.

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