Breeding Planned For Mid November

Selene will be bred to Chianti in a week or two!   These puppies (God willing) should be amazing! We could have Reds, Browns, Silver Beige, Blue, and possibly Blacks and Creams! We already have a few people on our waiting list for a puppy from this breeding so if you are interested, please get …

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We Provide the Paint, but You are the Artist

As Breeders, we provide the paint but you, the new family – are the artist! So often, people think that if they just pick the right breeder, puppy life will automatically be perfect.  This is not a totally true statement.  In the real world, it doesn’t really work like that.  Finding a good breeder is …

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Dr. Jeannie with one of her Standard Poodle Puppies

I Loved Them First!

Dear past and future puppy owners, I loved your puppy first. I thought of you – future owner, years before you even realized you would one day have one of my puppies.  I planned for and cared about your puppy long before you started thinking of adding a Poodle to your family.  I thought and …

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