I am a Dog Breeder and Not Ashamed

Hello, my name is Dr. Jeannie and I am a Standard Poodle breeder and proud of it! I’m a natural rearing Standard Poodle breeder.  I have spent my life studying and  learning and I never think that I know all there is to know.  I am always researching. I do my best to make sure …

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We Provide the Paint, but You are the Artist

As Breeders, we provide the paint but you, the new family – are the artist! So often, people think that if they just pick the right breeder, puppy life will automatically be perfect.  This is not a totally true statement.  In the real world, it doesn’t really work like that.  Finding a good breeder is …

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Dr. Jeannie with one of her Standard Poodle Puppies

I Loved Them First!

Dear past and future puppy owners, I loved your puppy first. I thought of you – future owner, years before you even realized you would one day have one of my puppies.  I planned for and cared about your puppy long before you started thinking of adding a Poodle to your family.  I thought and …

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13 Days Old

The Sofie/Tristan puppies are now 13 days old.  Their eyes are beginning to open, they are beginning to totter around the box and go potty away from where they are sleeping.  We have doing the early neurological exercises with them and they are no longer fighting being put on their backs but they now let …

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Our Goal as a Natural Rearing Breeder

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason Extracted from the book: Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended “The goal of the natural rearing breeder is to produce truly sound puppies — mentally and physically. This means producing dogs with natural immunity. Natural, (or innate), immunity is part of a homeostatic, balanced state of the …

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Titan on leash by Maria Perez

Dog Training At Home – Self Awareness

Tuesdays with Justin & Dave Dog training at home. Week 1- Self awareness Stressed owners beget stressed dogs and what I often see are puppies or dogs reacting to the owners, not the other way around. While many people understand the basics tenets of training, I often implore my puppy owners to slow down and …

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Argent gives hugs like his momma does

Shout Out To Our Genteel Poodle Owners

This is a shout out to our Genteel Poodle owners! A puppy spends a very short time at their breeder’s home. Most of the dog’s life will be shaped elsewhere. Yes, science tells us that the early weeks of life have life-long effects, making the breeder’s influence disproportional  to the time spent with the puppy. Still the …

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Puppy Culture Raised Puppies

Throughout our blog you will see mention of Puppy Culture protocols and exercises. Puppy Culture is a series of educational videos authored by Jane Killion, outlining the science pertaining to puppy development in the first 12 weeks of live, and its practical application in the form of enrichment protocols and emotional resiliency exercises for both …

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