Puppy Culture at Genteel Standard Poodles picture of puppies "mandi Critical Learning Period

Critical Learning Period For Puppies

The Last Two Weeks of the Critical Learning Period For Puppies   The puppies are just a couple of days shy of 9 weeks old and are leaving or being scheduled to leave with their new families. While it is a very bitter/sweet time for us, it is a time of great excitment and more …

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Powering Up The Clicker

We have begun to work with the puppies individually for a few minutes at a time with a clicker and a little bit of ground beef rolled into tiny balls. First, we “click” and then we give the treat – classically conditioning the puppies to respond to the sound. The puppies learn in a pretty …

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Our Goal as a Natural Rearing Breeder

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason Extracted from the book: Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended “The goal of the natural rearing breeder is to produce truly sound puppies — mentally and physically. This means producing dogs with natural immunity. Natural, (or innate), immunity is part of a homeostatic, balanced state of the …

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Titan on leash by Maria Perez

Dog Training At Home – Self Awareness

Tuesdays with Justin & Dave Dog training at home. Week 1- Self awareness Stressed owners beget stressed dogs and what I often see are puppies or dogs reacting to the owners, not the other way around. While many people understand the basics tenets of training, I often implore my puppy owners to slow down and …

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