enriched environments for puppies
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Enriched Environments For Puppies

Enriched Environments For Puppies

Did you know that your puppies will have larger brains and be more emotionally stable if they have been raised in enriched environments?

We have been providing an enriched environment for our puppies for the last 15 years and our puppy families are always telling us how special and smart their puppies are!

We use the Puppy Culture Program for raising our puppies which is based on creating enriched environments for puppies.

Let’s talk a bit about enriched environments for puppies and how important they are

The Brain Garden
Animals raised in enriched environments have been shown to have the following physiological changes over animals raised under standard laboratory conditions:

•Larger brains

•More new brain cells and neural connections

•Better brain cell survival

The result of these physical changes in brain structure result in the following intellectual and emotional benefits:

•Improved ability to learn and remember

•More emotional stability

•Better resiliency to stress

Read more and watch the film, “Puppy Culture,” that talks about the incredible results of  “The Enrichment Effect.”  HERE

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  1. […] core task as a breeder is to teach puppies to be enrichment/novelty seekers, and to trust that the world holds good things for them. To that end, in this first week of the […]

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