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Fun Facts – Puppies vocabulary

Did you know that talking to your puppy as you would to another human being and using verbal commands or names for objects and skills is a good way to increase your puppy’s vocabulary?

It is a fact that dogs that are spoken to often over their lifetime; can have a vocabulary of over a hundred words. Our dogs have even learned the spelling of some words. When we say the words:

  •  Walk
  • Cookie
  • Treat
  • Bed,
  • Crate
  • Let’s go
  • Ball
  • Bone
  • Find
  • Nap Time
  • and several more

The dogs KNOW what we are talking about.  For instance, when they began to learn what we were saying when we said Walk we had to spell it out, and in pretty short order they knew what we were spelling and would get excited and go to the door and sit and wait to have their harness and leash put on.   Now we have to whisper it to each other with the dogs in the other room.  LOL
So, talking to your puppy (or dog) in a normal tone of voice and making eye contact will over time allow your puppy to discern the meaning of many words. Of course, they’ll catch on quickest to words that have meaning to them like walk, ride, bath and toy.

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