Gable & Spirit Puppies 5 weeks old

The puppies turned 5 weeks old on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.   There teeth are breaking through and they are beginning to really enjoy playing with toys and running around the yard.   🙂

I shaved their little faces and as you can see they are looking like beautiful little Poodles now.

PurpleribbonPrincessPurple ribbon female; we are calling Princess.   She has officially made herself the “big sister” and keeps the other puppies in line and loves to just sit in a lap and survey what they are all doing while she is being petted and pampered.   🙂

“Princess” is the featured puppy for the week.

She is going to be a lovely silver and her coat is thick and luxurious.

Very smart and while the leader of the litter, she is submissive to us humans and is sweet and outgoing.   🙂



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