Genteel’s Argent 


Living Water Genteel Romancer X Seransil’s Simply Irristable
Second Generation NR – Raw Fed/ Vax Free

Argent is everything a Standard Poodle should be.  He lives in Arazona and is a service dog that has atheletic abilities and looks handsome doing what ever he is doing.



Bb carries black, carries brown

OFA Genetic clearances:
Hips – Good
Eyes – Clear
Neonatal Encephalopathy (NE) Clear through parentage
Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Clear though parentage
Von Willbrand disease (VWD1): Clear: Dog tested negative for the VWD1 mutation.

At stud – natural or shipped fresh chilled semen to approved, health tested bitches only.

We will NOT breed any doodles!

Dr. Jeannie Thomason – Genteel Standard Poodles
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