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Lace & Gable Puppies 3 weeks old!


The “storm” litter is 3 1/2 weeks old!

Learning how to play – with each other and with toys.  Teeth just starting to break through the gums or just about to.  Developing personalities, enjoying the enrichment activities we provide.

The third week of the puppies’ lives began the critical socialization period, and now the real fun begins. Things are going to begin flying fast and furious at us as far as developmental periods and windows of opportunity go,the first 12 weeks of life are the most important for socialization.

My core task as a breeder is to teach puppies to be enrichment/novelty seekers, expose them to everything safe and appropriate in their environment and to have them trust that the world holds good things for them.

We have already begun to introduce at least one new toy, visual object, or experience to the puppies each day during this week.

It always amazes me how when I  put three or four toys down, with only one of them being new to them, that they have never seen before, and the puppies will swarm to the new one!

They are beautiful!   Please be sure to look at their pictures below and send us a puppy application if you are interested in having one of them in your life.

black female
cream female
white female
cream male
silver male
white male
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