vWD – Clear
NE – Clear
DM – Clear
Hips – Excellent

 Lily was only with us for two years but she was larger than life and left a huge quiet place in our hearts and home. What a beautiful and special girl she was!

Lily had swallowed a rock that caused an obstruction.  The veterinary clinic encouraged us to let her stay over night while they took x-rays every few hours to see if it would pass.  When they decided it was not going to pass on its own they began prepping her for emergency surgery and she collapsed and they could not revive her!   That was the last time I ever took a veterinarian’s advice over my own education as a naturopath and my own gut.

We miss you so much Lily girl!  Can’t wait to see you again someday running and playing and happy again.

LilyLily is a lovely light cream with very nice pigment, out of a blue dam and a brown sire. She is very athletic and quite the diva.

You can view Lily’s pedigree HERE


Below are pictures of Lily’s sire and dam:


Dam: Marsan’s Champagne Lady “Lady”      Sire: INT CH Funtymes Feature Presentation “Buster”


Dr. Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason

Genteel Standard Poodles
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Northern California

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