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Mushrooms Killed Our Dogs

I have not blogged since our last litter of puppies.   We have had some hardships and trials of our faith over the last year and a half and I am just now able to share the biggest trial or our faith with you.

In early March, our two girls –  Dove and Lace were poisoned and died within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms.  Dove was pregnant.  We strongly believe they ate some wild mushrooms growing along the fence line in front of our home.  We only discovered the mushrooms a few days after they died.  They were growing in leaves and grass clippings on the other side of the fence but were growing right up against the fence, close enough to be nibbled on through the chain link.

There was no doubt they were poisoned but we did not know how when their symptoms came on.  They had severe vomiting and diarrhea and became weak and developed Ataxia (staggering gait) not long after the vomiting and diarrhea stoped. Even with fluid support, there was nothing even the veterinarians could do –  nothing we could do.

We have had mushrooms on our property and even within the fence a few times over the years but we always found them and removed them each morning (in the late winter/early spring) and only ever found harmless, button type mushrooms in the yard.  When we saw the size, color and variety of wild mushrooms growing just the other side of the fence, we instantly knew that had to be what killed our very special and beautiful girls.

The only other poison that would have killed them this fast and this way would have been a rodent poison bait and we don’t use any toxic or poisons anywhere on our property.  It is possible that a poisoned rat, mole or squirrel could have come on to our property to die and the girls found and ate it but none of our closer neighbors use poison either.

We are not a kennel and Lace and Dove, the two boys and our senior girl – Paris were all we had.  Now we are down to just the boys and Paris.   Not sure if we will be breeding Poodles any time soon.   Between vet bills, my husband Ed’s medical and hospital bills (three shoulder surgeries in two years), etc.  We won’t be able to purchase a nice bitch for a while – especially not of the health and quality that we want to breed.


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