New Hope at Genteel Standard Poodles

I was ready to just stop breeding Standard Poodles and just be content with and thankful for Gable, Chianti and Paris –  not that I was not already thankful for them, all three are so special and fill my heart with joy and love every day…

The loss of Dove and Lace has been huge.  I just have to share though that through all the pain and heartbreak, I had this incredible peace about it all.  I can’t describe it but any of you that know Jesus surely know what I am talking about.  What a blessing that peace has been to me.  I still miss the girls every day, I still cry when I try to talk about the empty ache in my heart but I am comforted!  Normally I would be a train wreck.

In this wonderful state of peace mixed with grief, I was sharing with Karen Winters of Winterswind Poodles (and Chianti’s breeder) what had happened with Dove (and Lace) who was pregnant with Chianti’s puppies.   She was devastated with me and for me and not too long after I shared the news with her she began talking about getting a bitch to me (for those of you who are not aware, a bitch is what female dogs are called) that I could breed to Chianti and have wonderful puppies to bring joy into their new families lives.

She thought about a couple right off the bat that she would be willing to send to me but as she prayed about and thought more about it, she heard God whisper to her to send me Selene – “Winterswind Sister to the Moon”.  Selene was young and had not been bred yet, I could breed her to either of the boys and not stop breeding.

Some you followed Selene’s journey here on Facebook.  She was driven from Illinois to Northern California by a wonderful and precious woman who is not only a good friend of Karen’s but she helps Karen out with her dogs – bathing and grooming and working with puppies, etc.   A very trustworthy and knowledgable person.   Selene lived the high life all the way here.  She got to sleep on a bed with her buddy Tegan, all to themselves,  she got her raw breakfast and dinner every day and was treated like royalty.

Selene has been with us since the first week of May and she has been a dream and a prayer come true.   She is GORGEOUS and smart and everything a Standard Poodle should be.  She could easily be a service dog and when this Corvid 19 stuff is over, I may just start taking her to some classes and get her certified as a therapy dog at the very least.  Awesome and amazing girl she is! A true God Send and blessing.

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