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The Nines Turn 3 Weeks Old

6 males and 3 females.   I am most likely the worlds worst photographer but as they are now more mobile and have eyes and ears open and starting to explore more I will be able to get more and better pictures.

Playtime is spent with the Noises CD playing –  sounds of thunder, fireworks, doorbells, vacuum cleaners, crying babies, etc.

I have trimmed their nails again this week and they have for most part just sat calmly in my lap for it.  I have also been holding the clippers while turned on – to their feet and faces (not shaving their faces or feet for at least another week) and they almost seem to enjoy the feel of the vibration.

They can walk off the blanket on to the slippery floor with no problems or anxiety and will be learning more different surfaces hopefully outside this week weather permitting.

There are short, individual videos of each one on our YouTube Channel.


DSCN2089 redribbonmale17daysold

3wksgoldribbonmale Whitemale17days

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