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All The Puppies Are In their New Homes!

Well, as usual, the past 12 weeks flew by!  It feels like just yesterday I was nuzzling warm, still wet newborn puppies.  Praying over them, in my cupped hands that had a couple of drops of  frankincense essential oil on them.  Imagining their future and looking forward to giving them enriched experiences as they grew.

The last of the puppies went home yesterday – all the way to Canada in a carry on travel carrier with two very happy people!

We don’t have any immediate plans of another breeding or litter for now but there is a possibility we will breed one more brown litter later this year.

Meanwhile the puppy families have been posting updates and pictures on our Facebook page for everyone to see.  This was/is a lovely litter!  There is still a little hope that one of the females may yet be shown in conformation and at least one of the males is already doing wonderfully with puppy manners and obedience.


And little Silvie – now called Lacey is staying with us:




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