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Puppy Culture Raised Puppies

Throughout our blog you will see mention of Puppy Culture protocols and exercises. Puppy Culture is a series of educational videos authored by Jane Killion, outlining the science pertaining to puppy development in the first 12 weeks of live, and its practical application in the form of enrichment protocols and emotional resiliency exercises for both breeders and puppy owners. We have found it to be the best hands-on guide for puppy rearing available and it has grown to be a movement among more and more breeders who are aiming at raising confident, enrichment seeking puppies.

The DVD  follows a litter of Bull Terriers from right before birth to 12 weeks of life. As puppy development is evolving right before the viewers’ eyes as Jane explains what is happening and why. She gives practical tips on puppy rearing week by week of their life and shows hands-on enrichment exercises. The DVD also  includes multiple interviews with the experts: canine behaviorists, trainers and breeders.

We were so thrilled to find there were other breeders and new puppy owners out there practicing much of what we have been doing in raising our puppies over the years!   Jane Killion did an exceptional job making this film and we HIGHLY recommend it to all of our puppy buyers.

Here is the link to Puppy Culture website.


Our Puppies Are Raised With Puppy Culture Program

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