Here are few excerpts from emails or notes of positive reviews from our happy families about their Genteel Poodles.

Happy Families Positive Reviews Genteel Standard Poodles


LuLu is doing great!  My 80 year old Aunt moved in with us in November.  She is a very cranky, nasty old woman and refuses to let herself be happy or find any gratitude for her situation.  However, she does find happiness in LuLu!  She is a “cat person” and has never been around dogs. I believe she has surprised herself by falling in love with LuLu.  I’m not a bit surprised.  No one can resist LuLu’s charm. She’s so affectionate and intuitive. She always seems to know what people need. Everything from a nuzzle to protection.
Sometimes she reminds me of a child. One that is in that pre-language. One that understands everything but dosen’t talk yet. When I talk to her, she seems to understand everything I say. (She still hasn’t said I love you too ) But she says it with her expressions. I can’t gush to you about this beautiful girl enough.

Mary, CO




Levi is more, than I ever could have dreamt. My Life, Joyfully, revolves around him. Everyday we spend together is a wonderful growing experience, for both of us. You would be proud of the “work” we do… everyone who meets him, is floored by the fact that he was just 5 months old.  Thanks to the way you raise your puppies, he is so wonderful around all sorts of people and situations.

The very first video you shared of him, being away from his mother for the first time, revealed to me his brave and curious nature. I honor and nurture this braveness and curiosity everyday… We are connected in our minds and spirits… it’s a beautiful “thing.” He too, adores my husband, and the feeling is mutual!

P.S. I thought you might also like to know that Levi could do anything… Show, Obedience, Agility, Track, Hunt… he shows interest and ability in all things… OH! and you should see him, daily, some times twice, on the grooming table… He Loves getting even more gorgeous… He’s a prancer, and a poser!!!!

Amy, New York



ArgentNov14Argent, (the t is silent)French for silver and our wonderful Standard Poodle’s name.
After searching for months we were referred to Dr. Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason – Genteel Standard Poodles.
This is our third Standard and although we miss the two wonderful poodles that proceeded Argent,we must admit after 30 years of Standard Poodle family members there is nothing “standard” about our Argent!!“

He is magnificent in heart,mind and body…
He runs like the wind,obsessed with retrieving,loves like a sweet son,extremely loyal and lives to give.

He loves children and gravitates to handicapped and the emotionally wounded.
We take him everywhere we go as often as we can,grocery store,banks,restaurants,attorney office,you name it ,he’s been there and he is always center of attention,Heads turn to admire this wonderful creature.All who encounter him must touch his soft crown and seem to be blessed by this.

It continues to amaze me how patient and giving he is with people he encounters in public.
Argent has flown domestic commercial in cabin flights three times. First time at 10 weeks old in a small carrier under the seat in front of me, from CA. to AZ.,He successfully completed this flight flawlessly! I was amazed! Second flight was when he was 10 months old, round trip PHX. to Nashville,once again he exceeded my expectations.
check in,security,boarding and flight, perfection.He charms the passengers while in flight behaving like a true gentleman.We fly to Nashville again in June; he’s becoming a frequent flyer!! My doctor prescribed and wrote a letter supporting my need for a therapy dog. I have issues with anxiety and cannot tolerate the meds. Argent accompanies me wherever I go.

We will continue his therapy training towards an ADA certification to allow him to serve in Children’s Hospitals.
Argent knows so many words and complete sentences,It is truly amazing the level of understanding he has for vocabulary.

There is no breeder like Jeannie.She has stayed in contact since we received our gift in May 2014. She is remarkable in that she is an Animal Naturopath – Her advise is always a phone call away.
We cannot say enough about the quality and good health of our beautiful “SON” Argent has exceeded our expectations in every way!

Dick and Robin, AZ



My family and I had been talking about getting a puppy for a long time, and we spent months learning about Standard Poodles and researching breeders all around the country and even in Canada. Genteel Poodles impressed us above and beyond all the others! Dr. Jeannie was so patient and helpful in answering ALL my questions since raw feeding and natural health for dogs was new to me.

My husband and are raising our children naturally, only eating pasture raised meats and organic fruits and vegetables, no childhood vaccines and such but we just had never thought about raising a dog “naturally”.  Meeting Dr. Jeannie and her Poodles made it ultimately clear to us that we had to get one of her puppies.  She was awesome, keeping us updated on Spirit’s pregnancy, pictures and videos of the new puppies every week. Even now,  I have contacted Jeannie for a few more questions and she always gets back to me quickly.  She and her husband told us that we will always be part of their Genteel Poodle family and so far we feel like family – well supported, mentored and loved!

“Blue” (we decided to keep his name as he knew it and responded to it), has been a pleasure since the moment he arrived. Jeannie not only uses what is called ENS (early neurological Stimulation) on her puppies but she is always gently exposing them to new sounds and sights and experiences.  The trainer in our first puppy class was in awe over how smart and well behaved Blue was at only 13 weeks old!   On top of that, – people are always saying “ooohh” and “ahhhhh” because he is so stunning in the way he moves and is structured.  Just today, someone asked if he was going to be shown. He has made things very easy for us as first-time dog owners, our friends and family can’t get over how wonderful he is.  Now we are talking about getting another Poodle in a year or so and of course, we will get that new Poodle from Genteel Standard Poodles!  Thank you Ed and Jeannie for our wonderful boy!

Evelyn, Josh, Erin and Jonah, NY




It was great seeing you guys the other week. Isn’t Obi handsome? He is the official greeter at our Winery and he even has it own label!  We are so happy with our boy – he is very special and quick to learn. Thank you!

Rex & PJ, CA



PeachesJune302015Peaches is absolutely the most perfect addition to our family! Jeannie has done an amazing job matching the needs of our family to the temperament of Peaches.

Peaches has been with us over a year now and she has been a delight. She is healthy and vibrant. Our groomers are amazed at her structure and are always commenting how beautiful she is, and how healthy she looks. I attribute this to Jeannie’s breeding program and the raw food diet we are feeding her.

She is highly intelligent and easily trainable. Her structure is very strong. Peaches is mellow and calm and gets along wonderfully with our children. I have had numerous people ask me where I got Peaches from and I am always happy to refer them to Genteel Standard Poodles, because I know for a fact that Jeannie, raises her puppies and manages her breeding program with the highest integrity.

We as a family are thinking of adding another puppy in the next year or so to our family and I will only be working with Jeannie because of the experience we have had with her. I highly recommend her!

S Jangi , CA



ValerieThank you so much for all your wonderful help throughout the process of finding our perfect puppy. we have raised several puppies before, but none of them compare to our beautiful girl, Layla. From the moment we picked her up, she has just been a complete joy to have!

Very well-mannered, sweet and playful. She’s made friends with every other animal we’ve brought her around, and she’s especially great with our cat and senior dogs. I truly believe her gentle and intuitive ways come from the great pride you take in your dogs and all the care and love you give them. We believe that the raw diet and holistic natural health care has also played an important role in her demeanor.

I think it’s wonderful you support this and provide your clients with all the information necessary to giving their dogs the proper care they deserve.  Thank you again for all your continued help and support. We look forward to bringing her out to play with you and your dogs soon!

V. Keller, CA




Cookie is wonderful! She is very bright which can be a problem at times too! 🙂

She helps me deliver meals on wheels every Thursday and is well loved by my clients. She brings joy to their day! She loves being outdoors. Now that she’s learned how to use the dog door, she spends more time outside running and playing in the yard than she does inside. Her favorite time of day is when we play out there with her. She loves to launch herself straight up in the air. She is very affectionate and still likes to sit on our lap and have her belly rubbed.We absolutely adore Cookie, as do most people who meet her. She is full of joy and love.

Sherry, CA



Raleigh really is the best family dog I’ve ever had. He is so loyal, patient, and playful. Here’s a picture from this morning. He loves laying in the sun. He is fantastic with kids. We did some agility training with him last summer and he did great. The tunnels were the only obstacle we had to work a little harder with. 😀

Sharon, OR



I am just totally in love with JJ. He’s a very happy boy and he loves going places with me, he’s good in the car – even though he’s not crazy about his doggie seatbelt.

He’s incredibly smart. I swear he is learning English. I talk to him the same way I do my son and I swear he understands. For example, he brought me a baseball that he found in my sons room and I told him “no JJ we don’t play with these, go find your tennis ball and we will play” and I took the baseball and put it up. He walked away looking around and came back with a tennis ball. I don’t know where it was but he found it and brought it to me like he knew what I said. And I’ve told you about his “watching TV” that cracks me up. He is becoming down right cuddly. In the morning my hubby leaves early and as soon as he gets out of bed JJ jumps up and takes over his spot and we cuddle!

Valerie P, Chino Hills, CA