The Standard Poodle is one of the world’s most ancient breed of dog. Most cytologists (those who study the origin of the Canine species), believe that this dog originated in Eastern Germany or Russia, however, this remarkable breed of dog has roots that date much further back in history than most people realize.

The ancestral Poodle, sporting the “Lion Trim” hair-cut appeared on ancient Greek and Roman coins, for example. In the time of Emperor Augustus (approximately 30 A.D.), poodle pictures were carved on monuments, tombs and Palace walls. More recent historic evidence of Poodles is seen in Medieval manuscripts of the 15th, 16th and 17th century. Regardless, Poodles have been known and worked as both Sporting Water Dogs, Companions and as Protectors in the European culture long before gracing the younger countries of North America. Historians have recorded evidence linking the Standard Poodle (which is the oldest of the three varieties of poodle), to the original ‘Old Water Dog’ (Canis Familiaris Aquaticus). These dogs were used in Europe for centuries to retrieve game from water (evident in the origins of the Poodle’s name – the “Pudel”, it’s German name which means ‘to splash in water’, and “Caniche” (French name) derived from “Canard Chien”, or “Duck Dog”).

If you are looking for a dog that is extremely intelligent, good natured and fun loving, the Standard Poodle should be at the top of the list. These dogs are so smart they actually learn and understand many different words. Some Standards excel at agility as they love to compete and are athletes by nature.

Remy Master Hunter

Standard Poodles love to be with their people, they are happiest when they are following you around the house and sleeping in your bedroom. If you want a dog that you can leave in the backyard for hours at a time, a Standard may not the best choice and you will have one unhappy dog on your hands. He will be sure to let the neighborhood know of his displeasure by barking excessively and causing a scene. These dogs are too intelligent to neglect, they thrive on attention and will reward you with loads of affection.

Standards are a durable and strong breed that make great walking and hiking partners. They will be protective of their family and alert you when strangers are near. Yet, they love kids and get along well with almost any other pet you may have.

Standard Poodles are proud and have an air of royalty to them and they will return the love showered upon them many times over. If you talk with people that have or have had Standard Poodles in the past, you will be hard pressed to find someone who does not have something positive to say about this breed.

Whether you desire a charming companion, show dog, hunting retriever with a sense of humor (forgives you if you miss a shot), the Poodle fits the bill–and mostly because he or she is bright, alert and trainable. It is high maintenance because of the coat which grows all over its body and must be kept trimmed (a variety of styles are fashionable as well as the show trims), the Poodle makes up for it with his (or her) extreme intelligence and devotion


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