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The Puppies’ 4th week

Half way through the puppies fouth week! I just can’t believe they are a month old now.

In this week, we help the puppies to start building a conditioned emotional response (CER) to the clicker. Using a little bit of raw ground turkey or beef on my finger tip, they gain a “reward”to the sound of the clicker, preparing them to learn crucial behaviors such as pay attention, to make eye contact, etc.

Here’s a quick overview of all our puppies learn beginning at four weeks:

Recall (“Come.”) is one of the most important commands any canine can learn because sometimes it can save lives. I have been calling out – puppy, puppy, puppy just before I let them out of the box to play or just before I feed them, they all perk up at the sound of my voice as they know something good is about to happn. It is just a matter of changing the words to “come” or “here” or even the puppy’s name as the days and weeks go by now.

Your puppy is taught the concept of “manding” – to sit for attention or a desired object rather than jump up or bark.

Your puppy is introduced to trusted adult dogs to allow exposure and socialization with dogs of various sizes and energy levels.

I do my best to get creative by setting up new challenges for your puppy to problem solve, which can result in a quicker learning curve.

Your puppy gets time out all by itself where they get to lay in bed with us or in our lap – watching TV or napping and as they are in our lap or next to us, we fiddle with their toes and nails, look in their mouths and often brush them. We will soon introduce them to a small crate when they are out by themselves with a little treat given to them inside the crate.

A couple of their more recent new exposures was that we have begun to give them lunch and a snack of ground meat and little spring water twice a day Yesterday, I put a litter pan with rolled paper litter into their whelping box for them to go potty in – so much cleaner and nicer than potty pads! lol They are starting to get the hang of it, for the most part anyway. LOL
Sometimes they don’t quite make it to the pan and inside to go but they are at least headed to the pan or just outside of it when they go. They will be pros in no time!

Will try to get some videos later today.

If you have never been to our Youtube channel, You are missing out!

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