Upcoming Naturally Reared Standard Poodle Litter Due

From Our heart to yours –

Upcoming Naturally Reared Standard Poodle Litter Due Spring 2021:

We value your time and appreciate the moments you have given us in viewing our pages and sharing in the joy of our special Standard Poodles.  If you’re lucky, a Poodle will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything!

We are now taking deposits for our litter due in March/April 2021.


We are not a kennel – our dogs live with us in our home and we only breed a litter when we have a minimum of 5 approved homes on our waiting list.


Standard Poodle Puppies Available

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Upcoming Naturally Reared Standard Poodle Litter Due Spring2021


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So many times we hear people say, “I am only looking for a pet,so it doesn’t matter if the breeder is not breeding for conformation or working ability.”

But it does matter! Those of us who love and are committed to the breed, have a responsibility to support and safeguard the unique versatile heritage of the Standard Poodle and their ancestors. Breeding or buying “just a pet”from any breeder with puppies available will not do that.

We raise our puppies using Puppy Culture*, early scent introduction*, and the rule of 7*

Companion, Service Dog, Working Dog, Show Dog????

Our Standard Poodles excel in all for categories. Owners who appreciate and utilize their dogs for not only a  family companion but also a service dog, conformation/show dog, performance and even hunting/working dogs, value the finest quality of the Standard Poodle … that they can do it all!  Our Standard Poodles are bred to first and foremost to be highly intelligent, even temperament companions and family members.

Many of our puppies have also been shown, become service dogs, therapy dogs, earned performance titles and hunting titles.

Our Standard  Poodles can do it all but at the heart of our dogs and our breeding program, they are superb companions; with the temperament suited for family life…gentle with the children, farm animals and house pets, all the while being highly intelligent, sound in health and structure and with a wonderful SENSE OF HUMOR!

All companion/pet puppies are sold on limited registration and with a spay/neuter contract unless otherwise noted.

*Puppy Culture is a complete program of over 50 protocols for puppies from whelping box to new home that is scientifically proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies! From early neurological stimulation, to aggression prevention, to potty training and leash walking and more, it’s all part of our socializing and enrichment program for our puppies.

*Early Scent Introduction -A study was done over the course of seven years by stimulating the olfactory sense of puppies from the age of 3 days thru 16 days. This study proved that puppies who participated in the ESI (Early Scent Introduction) placed higher in field trials, and accomplish higher placement as much as three years sooner. While we are not training our puppies specifically for field trials, we are introducing ESI to our puppies in case they may need the scent skills at the highest levels possible as adults, to detect changes in body chemistry of their owners, specific scents of an environment in tracking, or  K9 nose work, etc.

*Rule of Seven (7) -The Rule of 7’s helps to create a dog that does not stress as easily and that is more accepting and adaptable to new stimulation and situations.

Puppies are $1,800.00 – $2,500.00

A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy. Balance must be paid in full before each puppy goes home.



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