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We Provide the Paint, but You are the Artist

As Breeders, we provide the paint but you, the new family – are the artist!

So often, people think that if they just pick the right breeder, puppy life will automatically be perfect.  This is not a totally true statement.  In the real world, it doesn’t really work like that.  Finding a good breeder is more like an investment and not  quite so much an outcome.

Think of yourself as an artist.  Every artist knows that the paint is simply potential; if you do nothing with it, you don’t have anything to show for it except for dried paint. 

A true artist appreciates quality paint, and is excited and motivated by its potential, but he understands that it is his task to create a masterpiece on the canvas.  The bright colors of love, care, and relationship; the careful brushstrokes of training; the step back for observation and discernment; and the inserting of regular pauses to bring rest, joy, and perspective on the big picture…this is how to create a beautiful dog that is a joy to everyone he meets.  It is this understanding – your love, your training, your stewardship – which has the biggest influence on life with your dog.  Our job as a natural rearing and puppy culture breeder is to do everything in our power to maximize every single puppy’s potential; your job, is to make the most of that.

At Genteel Standard Poodles, we observe our dogs for a long time, in all kinds of situations to make sure that their temperaments meet our standard for breeding.  We run genetic testing, feed a raw, species specific diet, remove toxic cleaning products, pesticides and herbicides from our home and property –  to make sure that we’re producing the healthiest dogs with the strongest immune systems that we possibly can.  We ensure that the dogs we breed have solid temperaments and an instinct that will be useful to people.  And finally, they must have those take-your-breath-away classic Standard Poodle good looks.

We raise our pups according to Puppy Culture protocols and spend at least 9 solid weeks in constant observation and care of the litter.  In other words, we do our absolute best to raise the absolute best puppies that we possibly can.

What do you imagine your dog’s life to look like?  Are you committed to finishing what we laid the foundation for?  Are you ready to complete the masterpiece?


The proceeding was adapted from an article that originally appeared on Rosewyn Scottish Collies website on March 12, 2018. 

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