Winterswind Buio Chianti (Chianti)


Chianti at 6 months old


Chianti is an affectionate, highly intelligent boy that carries Brown, Parti and Red color genes.

We are so excited about this special, handsome  guy, and we look forward to keeping our lines healthy and diverse by breeding him to our girls. 

Thank you Karen Winters!  He is SO special, we just adore him.


|   Outlier Index: 0.19   |   Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.04   |   Internal Relatedness: 0.12

VwD, DM, NE – Clear By Parentage

10-generation COI: 0.37%



Sire:                                                                                                                            Dam:

RBIS U-GRCH CA URO1, UR02 Jacknic’s Samba In A Indigo Mist, CGC          Van Zuiden’s Ravishing Ruby CGC (IABCA pointed)





Chianti’s Pedigree


Chianti’s Genetic Diversity Analysis Certificate


Chianti Coat Color Report